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Khubkalan or Jangli sarson is the seed of the plant Sisymbrium irio Linn. belonging to family Brassicaceae. This plant is generally found as an annual or biennial herb in moist soil. In India it is grown in Kashmir,

Khubkalan is the Unani-tibb name of the plant. Unani/Yunani medicine is a form of traditional medicine practiced in countries of the Middle East and South Asia. In Unani, the seeds of the plant are prescribed for treating coughs, chest congestion, fever, asthma, loss of voice, etc. It is also indicated in typhoid, rheumatism, to detoxify the liver and spleen, reduce swelling/inflammation, rheumatism, clean wounds and piles. Its description is not found in ancient classical Ayurvedic texts. Khubkalan seeds have pungent taste and appearance is like mustard plant. It leaves are edible.