Kahwa is an aromatic green tea beverage, most Kashmiris believe that the aromatic traditional drink Kahwa dates back to times immemorial and has been a part of local consumption for ages.

Boiling green tea leaves with SAFFRON strands, CINNAMON bark, CARDAMOM pods and occasionally Kashmiri roses to add a great aroma makes the tea. Generally, it is served with SUGAR or HONEY and crushed nuts, usually ALMONDS or WALNUT some varieties are made as an herbal infusion only, without the green tea leaves.

Traditionally, Kahwa is prepared in a copper kettle known as a SAMOVAR A samovar consists of a "fire-container" running as a central cavity, in which live coals are placed keeping the tea perpetually hot. Around the fire-container there is a space for water to boil and the tealeaves and other ingredients are mixed with the water. KAHWA may also be made in normal pans and vessels, as modern day urban living may not always permit the use of elaborate samovars. 

Kahwa is usually served to guests or as part of a celebration dinner, and saffron (Kong) is added to the Kahwa for special visitors. It is often served in tiny, shallow cups. Kahwa in Kashmir is also commonly served after WAZWAN and elaborate family dinners.