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Podophyllum Hexandrum Ban Kakri

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Podophyllum Hexandrum is a succulent and perennial erect herb, glabrous, up to 30 cm tall with creeping long knotty rhizomes. Stem one or two, simple, leafy without top. It is commonly known as the Himalayan Mayapple and was known as Aindri (a divine drug) in ancient times.

It is native to the lower elevations in and surrounding the Himalayas. The plant is propagated by seeds and rootstocks. Flowers are white to pinkish in colour, 4 cm across, appear in the fork of the stem. Sepals are 3 in number and petaloid. Stamens are usually 6. Fruits are ovoid, pulpy 5 cm long and scarlet when ripe.

Organic Kashmir Podophyllum Hexandrum Ban Kakri can be used to treat typhoid fever, jaundice, dysentery, chronic hepatitis, scrofula, rheumatism, skin diseases, tumorous growth, kidney & bladder problems, gonorrhoea, and syphilis. The podophyllum is used as a purgative and also for the treatment of vaginal warts. Two derivatives of podophyllotoxin, called etoposide and teniposide are employed for treating cancer. The root paste can be applied on ulcers, cuts and wounds.

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