Podophyllum Hexandrum BAN KHAKHRI

Podophyllum Hexandrum BAN KHAKHRI

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Podophyllum hexandrum a perennial herb, bearing the common name Himalayan Mayapple known as Aindri. (a divine drug) in ancient times is native to the lower elevations in and surrounding the Himalaya.

 Morphological Characteristics

  • Podophyllum hexandrum is succulent erect herb, glabrous, up to 30 cm tall with creeping long knotty rhizomes. Stem one or two, simple, leafy without top.
  • Leaves alternate, palmate, up to 25 cm in diameter, deeply divided in 3-5 lobes, toothed, purple spotted.

Floral Characteristics

  • Flowers are white to pinkish in colour, 4 cm across, appear in the fork of the stem.
  • Sepals are 3 in number and petaloid.
  • Stamens are usually 6. Fruits are ovoid, pulpy 5 cm long and scarlet when ripe.

Propagation Material

  • The plant is propagated by seeds and rootstocks.

Therapeutic Uses

  • Rhizomes are used for typhoid fever, jaundice, dysentery, chronic hepatitis, scofula, rheumatism, skin diseases, tumerous growth, kidney & bladder problems.
  • Plant is also used for gonorrhoea, and syphilis.
  • The podophyllum is used as a purgative and also for treatment of vaginal warts.
  • Two derivatives of podophyllotoxin, called eloposide and teniposide are employed for treatment of cancers. Root paste is applied on ulcers, cuts and wounds.

Ayurvedic Name: Vanyakarkati 
Hindi Name:  Papra Bankakri 
Trade Name Bankakri.